Family Office Series

This series talks brings together senior industry practitioners to gain insight and understanding of legal, tax and private wealth issues facing HNW individuals and families across Asia.

26 Oct 2022

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Family Office Fraud

In this episode, we shall discuss financial fraud, particularly in the context of continued growth in private equity investments by Single Family Offices.

20 July 2022

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Family Office Dispute

Two related aspects will be considered: (a) best practice governance safeguards and precautions to avoid internal Family Office disputes, and (b) where a dispute does occur, best practice dispute management processes and procedures.


We shall evaluate both an "Unstructured Family Office", where the family retain direct personal share ownership of the Family Office and a "Structured Family Office" where the Family Office is held by a trust.

5 May 2022

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Family Office Trust

The question that David and I will answer is whether the excessive reservation of powers under the trust to either the settlor or protector may ultimately invalidate the trust?


The implications of the recent UK Privy Council decision in Webb vs. Webb [2020] UKPC 22, along with a series of supporting cases including “TMSF”, “Pugachev”, and “Dua”, will be discussed in detail.

2 Mar 2022

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Family Office Privacy

In this talk, Family Office Privacy will be considered in light of recent international developments aimed at achieving greater levels of disclosure and transparency of internationally held private wealth.

27 Jan 2022

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PPLI vs. Family Office

In this talk, two popular private client solutions: PPLI Insurance and Single Family Office, will be pitted against each other to discover which provides the better solution, or whether each is better combined with the other.

23 & 24 Apr 2020

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Singapore Single Family Office

Part 1/2


This webinar, one of two talks covering the lifecycle of a Singapore Single Family Office, will discuss and consider initial tax considerations on set up of a Single Family Office and the governance implications of the current COVID-19 crisis, ending with a discussion of immigration incentives to establish a Single Family Office.

Part 2/2


This is the second and final webinar discussing and describing the lifecycle of a Singapore Single Family Office. In this talk ongoing tax liabilities and structuring options will be explored and discussed, and in light of the current COVID-19 crisis, the impact of succession laws on a Single Family Office, whether held personally or via a trust, will be specifically discussed. The webinar will end with a case study to illustrate and bring together points made during the two sessions.