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Regional Talk: India | Indonesia

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The Governance & Succession Series of talks is designed to bring together industry experts to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by business families when considering governance and succession to the family business.

The emergence of the Single Family Office is also explored, along with the need for families as well as business professionals to understand the need for robust family office governance and succession plans.

In this webinar, we shall explore the extent of the governance and succession challenges faced by business families based in India and Indonesia (respectively), typical governance and succession structures and solutions will be discussed.

We shall specifically consider whether and to what extent internationally held structures and solutions may be capable of use in a domestic governance setting, as well as mention of relevant capital and foreign ownership restrictions and controls.

Demand for family offices solutions will then be assessed and discussed, with specific reference to the Singapore Single Family Office. The use of a Singapore Single Family Office will be specifically assessed in light of domestic regulations and controls.



Regional: Philippines | Japan
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Regional: Malaysia | Thailand
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Single Family Office
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