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This webinar, one of two talks covering the lifecycle of a Singapore Single Family Office, will discuss and consider initial tax considerations on set up of a Single Family Office and the governance implications of the current COVID-19 crisis, ending with a discussion of immigration incentives to establish a Single Family Office.

Zac Lucas | Singapore Family Office | VRT
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Singapore Family Office  (1/2)

Single Family Office: Setup Taxation
Kylie Luo, Executive Director, Private Client BDO

1. Overview: Family Offices in Singapore

- Growth in Single Family Offices | Anticipated Impact of COVID-19 crisis

- Reasons why clients set up a Single Family Office

- Key features of Singapore Single Family Office

2. Initial Considerations - Comparison of Tax Implications

- Overview of the fund incentive schemes with 13R and 13X being the key schemes

- Similarities and differences in terms of the requirements and typical structures

- Current trends, including the recent popularity for 13R due to the shift away from offshore jurisdictions but also the benefits that remain for 13X for some clients

- Ongoing reporting and compliance requirements for the Family Office structure

Single Family Office: Governance Challenges
Zac Lucas, Partner, McCarthy Denning

Overview – Key Challenges | COVID-19 Crisis | Significant Investment Losses

- Investment Strategy and Oversight – Accountability Framework | Family Investment Committee

- Fraud and Abuse of Power – Best Practice Countermeasures

- Employment Policy – Appointment and Removal Family Members

- Litigation Risk Exposure – Professional Trust Company

- Litigation Risk Exposure – Private Trust Company (PTC)

- Litigation Risk Exposure – Settlor | Reserve Power Holder


Zac Lucas | Singapore Family Office | VRT
Zac Lucas | Singapore Family Office | VRT
Zac Lucas | Singapore Family Office | VRT
Single Family Office: Emigration
Dominic Volek, Managing Partner, Head of Southeast Asia, Henley & Partners

- Singapore Global Investor Programme (GIP) – Using a Single Family Office as a Fast Track to Singapore Permanent Residence

- Investment Migration - General Overview


Singapore Family Office  (2/2)
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