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The Governance & Succession Series of talks is designed to bring together industry experts to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by business families when considering governance and succession to the family business.

The emergence of the Single Family Office is also explored, along with the need for families as well as business professionals to understand the need for robust family office governance and succession plans.

In this webinar, we shall consider the consequences of not creating a comprehensive corporate governance plan, and the various legal remedies allowed under Singapore law in the event a family shareholder dispute.

We shall then consider the principal options open to families that wish to explore formal governance planning, including a critical assessment of the uses of shareholder agreements, share class rights as well as trust and fiduciary solutions, and shall end with consideration of appropriate use of family charters.

The tax implications of governance and succession planning will be explore both from the perspective of a domestic Singapore business family as well as a foreign family with Singapore holding or trading entities.



Setting the Scene
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Single Family Office
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